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It was all I could do to keep standing.

I guess Tharen didn't want to bother you.

I am not very good at backgammon.

He probably has a girlfriend already.

You stole my heart.

Does anyone really believe Sandip?

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes.


Who should I be talking to?

The higher you go, the lower the temperature.

It's a huge loss.

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Nhan has a beard just like his father, grandfathers and brothers do.


I hope I haven't offended you.

We must take this matter into account as a whole.

What crown do you see?


Welcome to Tatoeba.


No one made you do anything.

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We were so close!

Is this one the bus for Oxford?

Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later.

The investigation was incomplete.

She screamed when she saw a snake.


Guy is on the computer.

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I'll see her.

Micah keeps an extra pair of shoes in the trunk of his car.

What would you like us to do with this?

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How did you see that?

You can be dismissed for dishonesty.

Who plays the lead?

I think Micky is much younger than Brooke.

I was surprised at you and your brother appearing on TV.

We have an opening at two o'clock.

Go down the street for about five minutes, and you will see the department store to the right.

I guess this still belongs to you.

Loneliness is the ultimate poverty.

She is from France.

Maybe we can make it on time.

I'm feeling a bit under the weather.

Nicholas is a centaur and Carl is a nymph.

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It is evident that he did it.


Did you make photocopies of that?


Because he comes from a poor family, little Konstantinos may have to go without boots this winter.

What number bus do I take to get to Waikiki?

I think I can surpass my brother if he give me a chance

Let's all go together.

We have to evacuate immediately.


I sustain my family.


Do you have a tattoo?

Please don't feed the pigeons.

Why do we die?

America is very patriotic.

Are you suggesting I was the one who caused the problem?

It's a gimmick.

Would you help me post this letter?

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Nobody messes with him.

Could you keep an eye on my suitcase for a moment?

Men's wants become greater in proportion to the increase in their income.


What if she actually knew everything?

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He studied to be a doctor.

If I had a dime for every time I heard that, I'd be rich.

Vince is cooperating.

Saad loved your ideas.

She is by no means selfish.

I hardly ever see Rod anymore.

In brief, he was careless.

Greg will be a good teacher.

There came a complete silence. You could hear a pin drop.

After his argument, they expelled him from the club.

Most women think like that.

It seems Tobias knows Patricia.

You stay there.

It seems like Phil Anselmo will have to step aside.

Actually, I'm not buying it.

Marsha says that he was here in Boston that night.

I don't exist to you.

I'll come by ferry.

If you turn on me like that, I cannot talk any more.

At first, I was puzzled by all these strange fruits, and by the strange flowers I saw.

The trouble is that they have no time.

Don't throw away your chance.

There's no way I can catch you.

A long time ago, giants ruled the world.

The hen's chicks are hatching.

We didn't do anything productive during these vacations.

There is there no uniform national standard.

It was really ugly.

Space doesn't think there is any life on Mars.

I figured you might want this.

That's discouraging.

He's a pretty unique guy wearing bell bottoms and Hawaiian shirts to the office.

When was the last time you saw him?

Something's happened to her.

I don't like dirty jokes, but I get a kick out of it when you tell them.

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I'll do it as soon as I can.

Tran let the dog out.

Two weeks after being admitted to the hospital my acne suddenly started to disappear.

I want to kiss you goodbye.

These shirts need to be washed.

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If it didn't need to be done, nobody would do this kind of thing.

Who helps her?

He didn't eat all of the rice cakes.

There are useful insects in the world.

Lou doesn't need to be here on Monday.

Niall certainly knows who Sally is.

He deceived me.

How come you call on us so late at night?

Rajiv's future is bright.

These shoes are too small for me to put on.

Why are you so dressed up? Where are you going?

My mother is sick in bed.

If Nicolette is going to zoo with you, I'll go, too.

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I'm drinking a beer.

Meehan is as thick as a plank.

That may be dangerous.


I presume you're Joanne Jackson.

Did you actually give Miek money?

Cristi can't remember where he hid the documents.

That won't happen.

Kriton cannot have done such a thing.

I think that Malcolm and only Jun can do it. However, some people think that Martin could do it, too.

I couldn't think of anything to say to Jock.

They are looking into the problem.

Raif is still shaking.


Write the answer in English, please.


Can you tell me what this is about?

I'll let them go.

We'll figure things out.


Climbing a mountain is rather like travelling towards the polar regions.


Australia is no exception.

What's your favorite hymn?

I solved the problem.

His policy puts the accent on national welfare.

But as he was always spending money, and never made any more, at last the day came when he had nothing left but two shillings.

The chemical ingredients cause the mouth to dry up.

It was a good idea.


I scaled one.

Do I look like a policeman to you?

We went to Boston last summer.

Have you ever made your wife and children happy?

Ricky isn't strong.

He could hardly make himself understood.

The writer has an excellent style.

Hold down the Ctrl-key and click + to zoom in or - to zoom out.

I hope everything goes well.


He lives with his mom.

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The JMdict/EDICT project has as its goal the production of a freely available Japanese-English Dictionary in machine-readable form.


That's something Kris used to do.

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Every morning I make it a rule to watch the English course on TV.


It will have rained in the forest.

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I'm a slow learner.

A button fell off my coat.

She didn't have anything to say to the policeman.


You're all cowards.

He took no notice of his friend's advice.

Archie made a move on her.

Animals are our friends.

I'll have to take a look.

He looked upon the scene without much interest.

He broke the machine by using it incorrectly.


You love your wife, right?

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Anything you say to Page, you can say to me.

Real couldn't do this alone.

Panzer wanted to unpack, but couldn't get his suitcase open.

Duncan is a heavy smoker.

Cyrus came in carrying something.